Urban Chat: Civic Engagement calendar

Upcoming Meetings

All events are open to the public. Everyone is encouraged to participate in person or on-line. See the full calendar listing here.

Monday, April 3 – Petaluma City Council – Per the approved tentative agenda, the Council will consider an ordinance on Residential Tenancy Protection and a proposed agreement with SMART on the Corona train station now in design.

The public portion of the meeting will convene at 6:30pm.  Other meeting information will be provided on the Urban Chat calendar when published by the City.

Thursday, April 20 – Petaluma General Plan Advisory Committee – GPAC will convene for their monthly meeting.  The topic isn’t yet finalized but may be flooding and sea level rise.

The meeting will convene at 6:30pm.  Other meeting information will be provided on the Urban Chat calendar when published by the City.

Thursday, April 27 – Petaluma Urban Chat – The monthly meeting of Urban Chat is almost always agenda-free, allowing an enjoyable and enlightening conversation to wander freely over the urbanist landscape.  The most recent meeting was well-attended and full of spirited conversation.

The exchange of ideas will commence at noon.  Other information is provided on the Urban Chat calendar.

6 hour power outage

I am writing to share my recent experience during the 6-hour power outage in Petaluma. It was surprising for most residents as we didn’t have the usual powerful summer winds that prompt the Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS). However, it reminded us of how much we depend on electricity for our daily lives. Luckily, I am part of the Cool Petaluma program, which has helped prepare me for emergencies like this.

I gained first-hand experience of the real-world advantages of having gone through the emergency preparation material by being part of the program. It was reassuring to know that I had everything I needed to weather the storm. But Cool Petaluma is not just about emergency preparedness. The program strengthened our sense of community and provided a platform to connect with others who are passionate about making a positive impact on the environment.

Through the program, I have learned about various sustainable practices that I can implement in my daily life to reduce my carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet. Cool Petaluma also includes topics such as learning about solar energy, electrification of our homes, and advice on saving resources such as water. This has given me a sense of purpose and fulfillment in knowing that I am doing something to protect our planet.

I strongly encourage everyone to join the Cool Petaluma program. It provides valuable information and resources for emergency preparedness and climate change action. It creates a sense of community and gives you a platform to connect with others. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit our website at CoolPetaluma.org.

Senator McGuire’s Community Meeting – April 13

What: Senator McGuire’s Community Meeting providing the latest updates on the critical issues here at home and throughout the Golden State.

When: Thursday, April 13 at 6:30pm

Where: Petaluma Fire Station 1, 198 D Street

How to attend: RSVP today by clicking here!



Office available for sublet in Petaluma, in the historic McNear Building downtown, available now. Sublet will be open for use on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Can be used by any professional. The rent is $385 per month for all three days.

Office is 10 x 15 feet with a very high ceiling and large window. AC/heat and all utilities are included. You must purchase insurance.

The suite is nicely furnished and there is a waiting area. The building includes a small community kitchen and bathroom with a large parking lot across the street. There is a large conference room available for groups at no extra charge.
Please contact by email or phone: 707.664.5168 | dlsafont@gmail.com


Caregiver for you or your Loved One



My name is Phoebe and I have 15 years of experience in facility and In Home Care experience and I love working with the elderly and their families.
I live in Santa Rosa and I am willing to travel.
I offer the highest level of care with heart, and with complete dependability and professionalism.
I am available for short term assignments, however long term assignments are preferred.
Accredited Certification and experience as a Medical Assistant and Certified Nursing Assistant.
Caregiving companies will charge you $35 – $50 and hours.
Cut to the chase and hire directly.
I look forward to hearing from you!

~ Experienced In-Home Caregiver and State   


   Nurse Assistant: CNA

~  Experience with the elderly and autistic


~ Offering high level care in a professional manner



 Administrative basics, organizational skills, attention to detail

 Creating a nurturing environment

 blood pressure and vital sign readings, blood sugar readings

 Preparing medications, instruments, and supplies

 Knowledge of the Kosher kitchen

 Assisting with errands, personal hygiene,

    bathing, meal preparation, and light cleaning

 Excellent cooking skills and meal preparation

 Conversational Spanish

 Native English speaker

Covid-19 tested and PPE protocol trained, vaccinated and boosted

~ In-Home and Live-In Care experience since 2008

~ Resume and references available


Pay Rate:

$30 an hour

~ Longer shifts negotiable


Skip the middleman Senior Care Company prices. Hire Caregivers directly and save money!



Phoebe Vernier

CA State Registry #7517148635