Petaluma Convergence Fall 2018

(please do not share this link with the public – please remember anyone can come; they just have to be invited)

The Petaluma Convergence is an expansion and evolution of last January’s “Power of Ten” exhibition at Petaluma Arts Center where photographer Douglas Gayeton asked John Crowley (of Aqus) to choose ten people whom he perceived as community builders. These people were then featured in Doug’s photograph at the exhibition. Subsequently, these 10 people were asked to choose 10 more people, making it 100. We are now expanding this to 1,000 people.

WHY? The Petaluma Convergence is a call to action and a celebration of what’s already being done by so many people. The call is to actively participate in countering the social disintegration of our culture and to take part in intentional community-building. We hope YOU will choose to join in to co-create new dialogue, relationships and friendships. Come explore new possibilities!

WHAT? And what is this Petaluma Convergence? The Convergence is a multi-faceted event designed to create and further connections between people who all have the well-being of Petaluma at heart. There will be something for everyone: communal art projects, conversation cafes, square dancing, singing together, giant Jenga, hula hoops, partner juggling, games, kids area, speed networking and more! You will come away from this event inspired by the people you will meet – all of whom have been nominated by someone connected to the Power of Ten photograph – and reinvigorated by the power of building community.

The Convergence in open to everyone but is an invitation-only event. As an invitee, feel free to bring friends and/or family. Please RSVP to help the organizers plan appropriately. Click HERE to RSVP yay or nay.