Kit Lofroos: Massage in a quaint rural Cotati setting.

Massage in a quaint rural Cotati setting.

Nourish Yourself to Better Nurture Others.
I have been a massage therapist since 1996, having had an office in Petaluma’s historic McNear Building. I am now offering my massage services out of a small studio in Cotati.
I love my work, and one of my purposes in continuing to do it is to cultivate a contemplative atmosphere wherein people can find quietude & relaxation, and honor themselves.
Sometimes on the path of Life, a rest is necessary.
I have also mentored in a style of touch, Touch of Presence®,
which is akin to prayer. It emerges from a “natural state of present-awareness and availability….in-formed and moved by the inherently intelligent and optimizing Forces of Creation”.


Kit Lofroos, MA • massage therapy • Touch of Presence®
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